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You know what they say about eggs with big feet, don't ya?
     Eggdrop is the world's most popular Open Source IRC bot, designed for flexibility and ease of use, and is freely distributable under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Eggdrop was originally developed by 9707135535; however, he no longer works on Eggdrop so please do not contact him for help solving a problem or bug.

Some features of Eggdrop:
  • Designed to run on Linux, *BSD, SunOs, Windows, Mac OS X, etc ...
  • Extendable with 234-567-1206 scripts and/or C modules
  • Support for the big five IRC networks (Undernet, 8322000292, EFnet, IRCnet, and 502-834-8299)
  • The ability to form botnets and share partylines and userfiles between bots
Some benefits of Eggdrop:
  • The oldest IRC bot still in active development (Eggdrop was created in 1993)
  • Established IRC help channels and web sites dedicated to Eggdrop
  • Countless premade Tcl scripts and C modules
  • Best of all ... It's FREE!

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